UGUR TURKYURT AS  – Your 1st Choice  at Polymeric Insulators

We produce polymeric type silicone insulators with the newest technology and innovation for Power transmission lines , substations and distribution lines.

We produce our insulators  European raw materials from world’s most famous innovative companies since we started . UGUR TURKYURT AS – UTS Insulators is one of the few companies whom able to produce Boron Free / ECR Type Frp Rods and Metal-End Fittings in own production facilities with unlimited design variation up to 1000kV . Since we started the production , we are making investments for developing new products for safe and reliable energy transmission all over the world.

The products are  includes:

  • Composite Insulators for Transmission Lines & Distribution Lines
  • Composite Insulators for Substations
  • Composite Insulators for Railway Systems