UGUR TURKYURT Company has been manufacturing hardware metarials for the Energy Industry, since 1968 it is located on the 2. Street Yukarı Dudullu; Ümraniye/ISTANBUL at Industrial Area.

The factory was set up in 4000 m² closed area and 3200 m² open area , total factory area is 7200 m².

UGUR TÜRKYURT is manufacturing Hardware Fittings for High Power Transmission Lines and Power Plants. It’s product range covers low, Medium and High Voltage from 36 kV up to 525 kV(36 kV /110 kV /170 kV /220 kV /420 kV /525 kV)

UGUR TÜRKYURT Company’s products are processed by forging, casting and plastic shaping in molds by the use of large machinery area.

By the date UGUR TÜRKYURT Factory started its production with temper casting but now it is working with forging system and has got important success in this area.

After 40 years of experience in manufacturing, UGUR TÜRKYURT has decided to realise the production of LSR Type Composite Silicone Insulators.

Since 2006 UGUR TÜRKYURT A.S. has been producing LSR Type Composite Insulators at its second factory which is located Tasagıl village at Babaeski / KIRKLARELİ(Border of Greece and Bulgaria). The factory was set up in 8000 m² closed area and 36000 m² open area , total factory area is 44000 m².

The production of Silicone Insulator has started in our factory , for the first time in Turkey.

The ECR rods using in UTS (UGUR TÜRKYURT SILICONE INSULATOR) are manufactured with ECR type fiber glass which are resistant to acide and it has got Boron-Free specification.

Our product range is starting from 36 kV up to 525 kV LSR Type Composite Insulators. (36 kV /110 kV /170 kV /220 kV /420 kV /525 kV)

UGUR TÜRKYURT Company which is taking product quality as it’s first goal has got it’s TSE Product Appropriate in 1986. It has also taken it’s TSEK Quality Appropriate Certificate in 1988.

UGUR TÜRKYURT Company is awarded ISO 9002 (ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System) Quality Assurance System Certificate since 1995. UGUR TÜRKYURT Company within the coverage of TURKAK ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System, ISO 14001: 2004 Environmental System ,OHSAS 18001:2007 Occupational Health and Safety System, aim at continuing products in a manner to meet fully the demands of the customers and developing the quality level reached in parallel with the demands of the customers.

UGUR TÜRKYURT Company has a creative team of engineers working on new technologies and product. In this team there are three electrical engineers, two metallurgy engineers, three machanical engineer, one chemist and one civil engineer.

UGUR TÜRKYURT Company has been a major supplier for Turkish Electricity Company (TEİAS-TEDAS), Çukurova Elektrik A.S., Kepez Elektrik A.S. Siemens,ABB, Areva etc. It is also supplying for foreign companies, FCI/France, Tyco Simel, Tyco Electronics etc. And we have registrations from Algeria-Solengaz, Iraq.